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You Know that feeling you get when you see a supercar sitting in the parking lot of the local six-buck-a-cup coffee shop? The ache in your stomach, knowing that toddling back and forth from the gated community to the strip mall is all the driving that poor car will ever do? We get that same feeling when we see an F-150 that doesn’t have at least 1000 pounds in the bed or 5000 pounds hanging off the hitch. Just like that supercar, the F-150 is a tool built for a purpose. It has a goal in life, and the people who never use it as it was intended are squandering the truck’s ability and a heritage that goes back to 1948.  Thats just a few key ingredients that went into the development of this years 2012 F150, a truck for all reasons, Motor Trend’s truck of the year.
The Champion.... AGAIN.
2012 Truck of the Year

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Aside from its one off Creations in Color Blue Chrome Paint coat, this car began life in Dearborn as any other2011 Ford Mustang  GT 5.0 fire breather does.  It was taken right from the line to begin its unique aircraft inspired modifications.

Blue Chrome 642 hp GT
Great Car Better Cause

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