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Since 2008, Ford has aimed to become a global leader in the use of recycled materials in their vehicles. To begin their venture into sustainability beyond fuel economy, the company created the upholstery of its Ford Escape hybrid out of recycled materials. While Ford started out with a single recycled parts maker, the company has now made it a condition of doing business. The company now requires that 25 percent recycled fabrics be used in all of its vehicles.

Recently, Ford has implemented recycled materials for seat cushions, plastic underbody panels made from recycled car battery casings, and even sound-absorption materials that are manufactured through the recycling of old denim. According to Forbes, the automobile manufacturer is now aiming to create 1.5 million yards of fabric per year. That fabric is used to create 41 recycled products that are implemented across 15 vehicle lines, all available at Chapman Ford,  including the Ford Taurus, Ford Fiesta, and the F-150. Even the Ford Mustang is now comprised partly of recycled materials.

Ford says the 2013 Fusion, available at a Ford dealer in Scottsdale, is the latest example of its commitment to use recycled material whenever possible. Made of materials made out of approximately 40 recycled plastic bottles, the Ford Fusion become the first global vehicle program from any automaker to use seat fabric made from recycled material.

Looking toward the future, Ford is researching ways to use discarded dollar bills to reinforce or replace plastic in the same way it already uses plant-based materials like soy. Ford researchers are currently testing plastic components reinforced with retired banknotes, which are made up of linen and cotton fibers.

To find out more about Ford’s sustainability project, visit a Phoenix Ford dealer.


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Although many assets appreciate in value as they age, a car is not one of them. According to Edmunds, new cars can lose as much as 20% of their value as soon as they are driven off the lot. At Chapman Ford, we feel that it is important to improve your car’s resale value and hold on to it longer by keeping it in good condition and allocating expenditures wisely. Here are some tips for preserving the value of your vehicle.

Spend Wisely on Extras
Consider practical products, such as iPod connectors. Similarly, a bed liner for a truck may be worthwhile because it helps protect the bed against dings and scratches, which can help preserve the vehicle’s value.

Perform Regular Maintenance and Check-Ups
Every vehicle manufacturer recommends regular maintenance; the schedule depends on driving conditions and other factors. Scottsdale Ford often offers special pricing on maintenance services.

Always Keep Records
Document all repairs and maintenance with receipts. When you go to sell your car, these can be used to show the prospective buyer that you have maintained your vehicle.

Keep Mileage Under Control
An important determinant of a vehicle’s value is the amount of mileage it has for its age; insurance companies also take mileage into account when setting premiums. The more you drive, the more it will detract from your car’s value. If you drive less than average, your car is likely to depreciate at a slower rate.

Looks Matter
By cleaning your car, you can add hundreds of dollars to its value when you sell. If you don’t have the time to clean your car, use a car wash.

Protect Its Appearance
Even the color of a vehicle can impact its resale value, so it is essential to keep your vehicle parked in a shaded place and to store it properly. If you live in an extremely cold or warm environment and you have the option to store your car inside, you should do so.

Fix Small Problems Promptly
Many drivers tend to neglect small problems as long as the car still runs. Unfortunately, these are often warning signs of a more serious problem. Taking care of problems in a timely manner, whether mechanical or cosmetic, can often save money and help you avoid frustration.

Treat Your Car With Respect
Prevent excessive wear and tear by avoiding extreme start-and-stop driving, over-towing, excessive speeding or driving your vehicle in areas with poor road conditions. Accidents, no matter how slight, can negatively impact a vehicle’s value and jeopardize personal safety. No matter how short the trip, avoid excessive speeds and erratic or irresponsible driving and always pay attention to the roadway and weather conditions.

Whether you want your current car to last longer or you’re looking to get the most value at resale, make sure you get the most bang for your buck by staying on top of maintenance and cosmetic issues. By following these simple steps, you can increase your car’s value and get the most money when it comes time to sell or trade in your used Ford.