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Ford MyKey

Every year, nearly 5,000 American teenagers die in vehicle crashes. This makes it the number one cause of teen death in the U.S. Today, teen drivers face more hazards on the road than ever before and many are inexperienced, ill-prepared and distracted. Chapman Ford Scottsdale is dedicated to reducing the number of teen lives lost in vehicle accidents through its Driving Skills for Life program and new MyKey feature on select 2014 vehicles.

What are the dangers of teen driving?
As young drivers gain more experience behind the wheel, statistics show their crash rates drop. It takes time and practice to learn to control and maneuver a vehicle. Nothing can replace real-world experience, but by combining practice with a solid education that reinforces key areas of risk, young drivers are better equipped to avoid crashes.

As technology has evolved, so has a driver’s relationship to it. As a result, young drivers are more distracted than ever. In addition to “traditional” distractions such the radio and climate controls, teen drivers now must practice restraint when it comes to cell phones and tablets. Because teen drivers already exhibit risky driving behaviors (shorter following distances, lower rates of seatbelt use, and increased drinking and driving), adding in technological distractions can be deadly.

How do Ford’s programs teach young drivers?
In 2003, Ford Motor Company Fund and the Governors Highway Safety Association established the Ford Driving Skills for Life program, which is designed to teach new drivers skills in the four areas most critical for safe driving:

  • Hazard recognition
  • Vehicle handling
  • Speed management
  • Space management

These critical areas have been found to cause up to 60% of vehicle accidents. Ford’s Driving Skills for Life program teaches students these four key areas through free on-site events and online resources ( for driving educators, parents and teens. To date, the free program has reached more than 300,000 teens, parents and educators.

A newer feature, Ford’s MyKey technology (available as a standard feature on 6 million vehicles, including the 2014 Ford Fiesta) makes distracted driving more difficult for teen drivers. MyKey is an easily programmable feature that offers the following:

  • Volume control keeps radio volume to 44% of the maximum volume, reducing distractions from music
  • A seatbelt reminder chimes and can be set to keep the radio on mute so long as the driver’s seatbelt remains unbuckled
  • Incoming phone calls and text messages on phones paired with Ford SYNC can also be placed on hold during drive time using the Do Not Disturb feature
  • Alerts let the driver know when they have reached speeds of 45, 55 and 65 miles per hour, which can serve as a reminder for the driver to slow down. Parents can also set the top speed of the vehicle to 80 miles per hour.

To avoid running out of gas at inopportune times, the fuel gauge warns drivers when only 75, 50 and 25 miles remain in the tank.

For details on how you can help keep your teen driver safe, visit Chapman’s Ford dealership in Phoenix.


save time

You’re busy. We get that. You’re running errands, you’re picking the kids up, you’re stuck in that long commute to work – there’s not much time to spare, even for something as important as getting your vehicle serviced. Whether you need your check engine light looked at or a routine oil change, the new service department pick-up and delivery service from Chapman Ford is sure to be a big time-saver!

Here’s how it works: you call one of our expert service advisors or schedule your service online with Chapman Phoenix Ford. Then, when it works for you, we’ll come to your home or office to pick up your vehicle. We’ll take it back to Chapman Ford, where our factory-trained technicians will service your vehicle. When we’re done, we’ll drive it back to your home or office – all serviced and ready to roll. You won’t even miss your vehicle!

This service makes it so convenient to get maintenance performed on your vehicle, there is no excuse for not getting it regularly serviced. Services such as tune-ups and oil changes ensure your car runs as efficiently as possible so you can avoid costly and time-consuming break downs.

The pick-up and delivery service can be used for any service our factory-trained Ford technicians offer, including:

  • Tune-ups
  • Brake work
  • Oil change
  • Cooling service
  • Check-up
  • Other services

This offer is good for any location within 10 miles of our dealership (we’re at 7100 East McDowell Road in Scottsdale). Our Ford Service Center is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. so we can make sure your Ford is running well when your schedule allows it.

We hope you enjoy your new-found free time! Share in the comments how you’ll spend it!