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If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new or used Ford vehicle, now is a great time to take action. Not only does purchasing a vehicle now mean that you will be able to enjoy it throughout all of 2015, but there are also a lot of great deals currently available at Chapman Ford.

To see just how much you can save by making your purchase soon, here’s a look at three great deals we’re currently offering on our new Ford inventory:


2014 Ford Focus SE

For a limited time, we’re offering this brand new car starting at just $129 a month. One reason so many people love driving this car is because it has voice-activated technology that keeps you in control and safe while on the road. Thanks to this Ford’s flex-fuel engine, you can enjoy the freedom to go anywhere for less. Whenever you’re behind the wheel of the 2014 Ford Focus SE, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of features that will keep you comfortable. The 2014 Focus also has a very appealing exterior style.

2014 Ford Escape SE

If you act now, it’s possible to get this excellent SUV for as low as $159 a month. While the Escape’s engine provides a very attractive MPG, it also comes with plenty of power. You’ll enjoy voice control of your phone’s apps thanks to the Escape’s Sync AppLink technology.


2014 Ford F-150 Supercrew XLT

Whether you want to upgrade your existing truck or have decided that now is the perfect time for you to start driving a truck, we’re offering a great that can put you behind the wheel of this powerful Ford for as little as $279 a month. Thanks to the F-150’s chrome grill and long list of additional exterior features, you’ll definitely be the envy of everyone else on the road. And if you’re in need of major power, you won’t be disappointed by what’s under the hood of this beast.

You Can Save Big on a Used Ford As Well

While the great deals we’re offering make purchasing a new vehicle even more tempting, if you’ve decided that a used car, truck or SUV is the right option for you, we’ve got some great used vehicles in stock. Because we have so many to choose from, our website makes it easy to find the exact used Ford in Scottsdale what you want. You can easily sort by mileage, price or year. You can also decide how many vehicles you want displayed on a single page. And if you have any questions about any of our used inventory, just give us a call at (480) 516-0088 to speak with one of our friendly sales professionals.


Other than a house, a car is one of the biggest purchases that most people make. If you’re like most buyers, you want to maximize the value you get out of your car. And the good news is that’s something you can do without much trouble. Of all the steps you can take to protect the value of your car, proper maintenance is without a doubt the best way to maximize your car’s value.

Why is maintenance important? It’s the simplest way your vehicle maintains its maximum value. Not only does a commitment to maintenance mean that you’ll always be able to depend on your vehicle for reliable performance, but if you ever decide to sell your vehicle, a track record of taking care of it will allow you to sell it for the best possible price.

3 Tasks To Do Yourself

Washing your car on a regular basis isn’t just about the pride you have in your vehicle. It’s also the best way to prevent things like dirt or bird droppings from damaging your paint. Prior to washing your vehicle, be sure to pretreat any spots like tree sap or bugs. Then once you’ve sprayed down the vehicle, hand washing it is the best way to go. The same is true for drying it. For the best results, park your vehicle in the shade whenever you wash it. This is also the ideal opportunity to vacuum out the interior and wipe down the dash.

The second thing to do on your own is avoid aggressive driving. Although that may not sound like a maintenance task, staying cool and collected when you’re behind the wheel is the best way to avoid prematurely wearing out your vehicle’s suspension, tires, engine or brakes. Finally, the other thing you’ll want to do is keep your own service records. While there are services that allow buyers to see a vehicle’s service history, having easily accessible paper copies of these records will be very useful if you ever want to sell your vehicle.


Dealership Maintenance

Consistent Ford Service Center maintenance plays a key role in keeping your vehicle in ideal shape. There are several forms of maintenance you’ll want to take advantage of in order to properly protect your vehicle. The first is getting your oil changed. Here’s Ford’s official oil change schedule:

  • 2008 and newer model-year vehicles: every 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first
  • 2007 and older model-year vehicles: every 5,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first

Getting your oil changed at Chapman Ford means that the technicians will be able to inspect your vehicle and complete any other required repairs as well. And since the schedule for other types of periodic maintenance varies by vehicle, be sure to check the handbook in your glovebox.

By following all of the Ford maintenance tips we covered, you’ll be able to count on maximum performance and value from your vehicle for years to come!

If you’re curious about what vehicles you can expect to see hitting the Chapman Ford Scottsdale showroom and lot over the next few months, here’s a look at some of the most exciting new Ford vehicles for 2015:


2015 Ford Expedition

Any driver who’s looking for an SUV that provides both space and style is going to love the latest version of the Ford Expedition. Thanks to updated exterior details like LED fog lamps and a bolder lower valance treatment, the 2015 Ford Expedition is a spacious vehicle that’s sure to turn heads. To make a really big statement, this vehicle’s wheels can be upgraded to 22″ in diameter.

Inside the new Ford Expedition is lots of technology and space. Depending on the specific model, the Expedition can comfortably seat 7 or 8 passengers. And with technology ranging from a 4.2″ LCD with driver information to seven-color ambient LED lighting, the Expedition makes it really nice to get wherever you’re going. To top things off, the EcoBoost V6 delivers lots of power without killing the vehicle’s fuel economy.


2015 Ford F-150

F-150 owners are fiercely loyal to this line of trucks. So whether you’re interested in upgrading your current model or want to own a Ford F-150 for the first time, the 2015 model has a lot to offer. One of the biggest changes to this truck is its new high-strength steel frame and  aluminum-alloy body. As a result of this overhaul, the 2015 Ford F-150 will weigh 700 pounds less than the previous model. While the new F-150 is a lot lighter, thanks to the fact that the frame is rated up to 70,000 psi, this truck is actually stronger than many other heavy-duty truck frames on the market.


2015 Ford Mustang

When asked to summarize their thoughts on the new 2015 Ford Mustang, industry experts have said it’s proof that “Ford has successfully reinvented an icon.” An updated design that’s in line with the car’s heritage, revamped interior and multiple engine choices that pack a lot of power are just a few examples of why people are so excited about the new Ford Mustang.


2015 Ford Transit Wagon

If you need a work vehicle that provides lots of space and enables you to make the most of all of it, the 2015 Ford Transit Wagon should be the top choice on your list. With multiple sizes and a turning radius that makes this vehicle surprisingly easy to navigate even in crowded areas, the new Ford Transit Wagon has everything needed to help businesses take their operations to the next level.

Thanks to all the great new 2015 Ford vehicles that are hitting the market, now is the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading to a new Ford SUV, truck or car.