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focus rs

More Fun Than Should Be Allowed in 2.3 Liters

When you sit in the Focus RS for the first time and fire up the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, you would be forgiven for not expecting much. After all, how much oomph could a little four-cylinder provide? The answer is plenty, which you’ll find out when you tromp on the accelerator and put the manual gearshift through its paces. By generating 350 horsepower in this fun little hatchback, Ford engineers have dialed up the fun meter to 11. This little hatchback hits 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds on its way to a maxing the speedometer at 165 mph. This is the first part of a plan called the golden age of Ford Performance. The company will bring 12 more high performance vehicles to U.S. showrooms like the one at Chapman Ford by 2020. If you’re in a hurry for a more sedate version of the vehicle, Chapman has a huge Ford Focus inventory to inspect right now.

Stalled Out? No Worries

If events overcome you just a bit and you stall the engine, Ford has even put in a feature that will automatically get you going again. Called “stall recovery,” it gets you going in by simply depressing the clutch. “We knew we wanted to put start-stop technology on the RS,” said Tyrone Johnson, engineering manager for Ford Europe. “What if we went one step further and controlled our engine stall at launch using the same technology? Well, that’s what we did and it’s just as fast as our start-stop technology.” Production of the Focus RS will begin later this year with first deliveries in early 2016.

Twin-Scroll Turbocharger Delivers the Goods

Ford designed an innovative low-inertia turbocharger that has a large compressor wheel to move air and power throughout the range of engine revolutions. With a top boost of 23.2 pounds per square inch, it makes the engine, and potentially the passengers, scream. A manifold is designed with low-restriction on the front end while the exhaust is high-performance. Back pressure and volume level is controlled by computer for optimum performance. The engine is under a lot of stress at high revolutions, so Ford made the cylinders out of high-tensile cast iron to let it handle the load. An oversize radiator keeps the entire operation cool while you heat up the roads.

Focus RS Out-Mustangs the Mustang

Although the Mustang is still the most popular high-performance car the company makes, the Ford Focus gets 35 more horsepower out of the same sized EcoBoost engine. Needless to say, it is also much more powerful than competitors in its class, including the Volkswagen Golf R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Subaru WRX STI. Keep in touch with Chapman Ford with the latest developments on the arrival date for the Focus RS.


Company Set on Providing Power to the People

When it comes to providing power to the people, Ford is on the forefront of developing a nationwide charging system for electric vehicles. The company is starting by developing more charging stations for employees at Ford facilities. This program began late last year and has blossomed into 145 new stations at 43 Ford plants and offices. Twenty more stations are in the work, with more units coming down the line. Ford offers the 2016 Focus Electric, C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi vehicles as its plug-in choices. The Focus is all-electric, while the C-Max and Fusion have the option to plug-in and recharge or use the hybrid gasoline motor. Phoenix Ford shoppers can see all the options at Chapman Ford.

Saved 6,000 Gallons of Gas in One Year

The commitment to employee plug-in charging stations has saved more than 6,000 gallons of gas in its first year of operation. It has also diverted 70 metric tons of emissions while using enough electricity to power 10 homes for a year. “Providing a charging network at Ford facilities not only benefits our employees, but builds upon our commitment to the electrification program and developing environmentally conscious vehicles,” according to Cynthia Williams, Ford’s associate director of environmental and regulatory planning. Williams attended a conference in California recently intended to help promote plug-in vehicles. She spoke about the overall plug-in market, manufacturing incentives and the need for a national charging network.

Hybrid Plug-ins Provide Outstanding Range

Until there is a nationwide network of reliable charging stations, expect consumers to continue to lean toward hybrid technology as opposed to pure plug-in vehicles. Hybrids have a small gasoline engine that serves as backup when the vehicles run out of power. Ford offers both the C-Max and Fusion hybrids with Energi versions that also allow you to plug in and recharge. Both of those vehicles feature SmartGauge technology that not only lets you know when your batteries are low, but also helps you to maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. You can vary the use of the accelerator and braking to get the highest miles per gallon output available. The range of the C-Max Energi is more than 600 miles, while the Fusion Energi is estimated at 620 miles.

Focus Electric Scores 110 MPGe

MPGe is simply the equivalent miles per gallon an electric vehicle would get if it were using gas. At 110 MPGe and a range of 76 miles, the Focus Electric is a driver-friendly vehicle that is perfect for daily commutes. If you get the 240 amp charging station, the car can go from zero power to a full charge in just 3.6 hours. It has plenty of zip with a top speed of 84 miles per hour. Drive the Focus Electric today by visiting Chapman Ford.


Biomimicry Depends on Nature for Sustainable Solutions

As Ford Motor Company continues to find ways to make auto manufacturing more environmentally friendly, one of the key challenges is developing an adhesive that will not only hold parts together, but allow them to separate when it comes time for recycling. With no relationship to that popular insurance company, Ford is nonetheless studying how the gecko can stick to surfaces and release itself. The gecko’s adhesive toe pads are capable of supporting almost 300 pounds, which prompted a recent forum on the subject of biomimicry, or the ability to mimic nature. The company invited partners Procter & Gamble and The Biomimicry Institute to help lead a discussion on how natural solutions can be incorporated into building cars.

Biomimicry Institute Provides Inspiration for Natural Solutions

The Biomimicry Institute was founded in 2006 to help companies rely on already proven, natural solutions to some of manufacturing’s toughest problems. The Institute uses methods such as employee-corporate challenges, academic-corporate partnerships and open innovation to help motivate companies to seek natural solutions that are environmentally-friendly. “Ford and P&G are the first companies to take part in these new corporate-employee challenges,” according to Gretchen Hooker of the Institute. Ford already has a track record of using recycled material from plastic bottles in its vehicles, which you can see with a visit to your Scottsdale Ford dealer, Chapman Ford.

Climate Change Promotes Interest in Exploring Nature

Although Ford is on the cutting edge of exploring how nature can solve problems, the use of biomimicry is not new. Japan’s new bullet train is modeled after the kingfisher, while Velcro is designed after a burr. The medical community took a close look at the pesky mosquito when it needed to design a new, less invasive needle. “We are excited for the opportunity to participate, together with Ford, in the Biomimicry workshop,” said Lee Ellen Dreschler of P&G. By finding a way to recreate a substance similar to the stickiness of the gecko’s toe pad, both companies could change the future of adhesive applications.

Ford Continuing to Lessen Impact on the Planet

From its popular hybrid Fusion to the EcoBoost engines that use less fuel, Ford continues to look for ways to lessen the company’s carbon footprint on the planet. Stop in Chapman Ford next chance you get and see all the ways the new lineup of Ford vehicles is helping to make Earth a better place to live.

Ford retail sales

September Sales Up 23 Percent

The release of the new model year has helped boost the year-to-date retail sales figures for Ford to a level not seen since 2004. September sales were up 23 percent from a year ago, which is coincidentally the same percentage increase for this year’s sales over 2014. Ford trucks were up 28 percent for their highest level in almost a decade, while commercial vans were up 86 percent to reach the best September sales since 1987. Sales were also up across the board for SUVs, crossovers and autos with Mustang sales up 199 percent for the best performance in eight years. See what all the excitement is about by taking a visit to Chapman Ford and test driving the new lineup.

Ford Moves Almost a Quarter-million Vehicles

Overall sales for September totaled 221,499 units including fleet numbers. Strict retail sales hit 168,522 vehicles to provide the best September in the past 11 years. “Our Ford and Lincoln dealers had an outstanding month, delivering strong sales, with gains in cars, SUVs and trucks in September,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president. “Sales of EcoBoost-equipped vehicles were also strong, driving us to an annual record for EcoBoost sales with three months left in the year.” EcoBoost accounted for 64 percent of the F-150 retail sales as the trucks had their best September since 2006. Earlier problems with production have been rectified and dealer lots are now filled with the new aluminum body F-150 pickups. See the new F-150 and talk about how the lighter material will save you money at the gas pumps by taking a visit to Chapman Ford.

New Transit Van a Hit With Businesses

The new transit van with its adjustable configurations has proven to be a success. With a choice of three roof heights, two wheelbases, three lengths and three engines, companies are able to have Ford build a van that fits specific needs. There is a wide variety of customizable cargo management options including dividers, storage cabinets and drawers that can make your van ready to deliver goods and services to waiting customers. The Transit line was responsible for more than 10,000 sales in September, the best van month for Ford since the days of the Econoline in 1987.

New Mustang is a Major Hit

With almost 9,500 units moved in September, the newly-designed Mustang has proven to be a hit with buyers. It has reclaimed its place as the best selling sports car in the world by offering a variety of configurations. There are four engine options, including the standard V-6, a four-cylinder EcoBoost efficient engine, a small V-8 and the 500-plus horsepower V-8 that propels the Shelby GT-350. Mustangs start just north of $23,000, making the car an affordable alternative for drivers who like a little sport in their daily commute.

Ford secures young buyers

Efficient Sporty Car Luring Younger Demographic

Just because younger buyers are interested in an efficient car that is easier on the planet doesn’t mean they don’t like the chance to show off just a bit. The new Ford Mustang EcoBoost is luring younger Southern California buyers to the company. With a fuel-efficient option and a sporty look, drivers in their 20s are picking the blue oval as a car company to reckon with. The 310-horsepower, 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine provides enough performance with acceptable gas mileage to let environmentally conscious young people have some fun while still feeling good about themselves. See the new EcoBoost Mustang for yourself with a visit to your Phoenix Ford dealer, Chapman Ford.

Millennials Driving Ford Sales Growth

Sales for the new EcoBoost Mustang are up 17 percent with people 30 and younger from last year, according to studies by J.D. Power. This has spurred Mustang to reclaim the title as the best selling sports car in both America and the world. With options ranging from the efficient EcoBoost, which is estimated to get 32 mpg on the highway, to the Shelby GT350, which has a 5.2-liter V8 that produces 526 horsepower, the new Mustang offers something for everyone in terms of performance and price range. Available on some models are selectable drive modes that let the driver tune in the performance of the vehicle based on mood and road conditions. Drivers can select from normal, snow/wet, track and sport options.

Mustangs Keep Churning Off Dealer Lots

A normal time for a new car to sit on a dealer lot is about 60 days, but the Mustangs in Southern California are flying off the lot at an average of 16 days. “In Southern California – Mustang’s hottest market – buyers are younger,” according to Erich Merkle, sales analyst for Ford. “Of all buyers, 40 percent are Millennials, but these younger buyers account for 47 percent of EcoBoost Mustang sales. The EcoBoost option has flipped a switch with young buyers.” The price of the EcoBoost Mustang starts at under $26,000, making it an affordable alternative for young people who want a sporty vehicle without high monthly payments. See the latest Mustang lineup and take a test drive at Chapman Ford.

EcoBoost Performance Package Improves Handling

For increased performance, the EcoBoost Performance Package adds components like an upsized rear sway bar, unique chassis tuning, larger radiator and interior gauge pack. You also get larger brakes, a 3.55 limited slip rear axle, stability control and black 19-inch wheels. For a fuel-efficient vehicle, the Performance Package screams fun to a younger crowd that is listening with both ears.