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Power and Efficiency Combination Proves Attractive

With its combination of power and fuel efficiency, the Ford Transit van is quickly becoming the darling of the recreational vehicle industry. Motorhomes built on Transit chassis provide plenty of performance for traveling through the mountains and the extended mileage between fill-ups allows for longer and more frequent trips. “Outdoor adventure seeking RV customers want compact, maneuverable motorhomes that can comfortably carry their families and gear from one adventure to another,” according to Ford Transit brand manager Yaro Hetman. “Transit’s efficiency, comfortable ride and affordability make it a great choice as a motorhome for these outdoor enthusiasts.” The Transit Van comes in so many configurations that the production units also make great traveling vans. Stop by and check out the new Ford inventory at Chapman Ford.

Winnebago “Fuse” Latest RV Built on Transit Chassis

As one of the largest manufacturers of RVs, Winnebago is always looking to serve the needs of the customer. The new Winnebago Fuse is a Class C motorhome that provides maneuverability along with all the comforts of home. It will go on sale in January. “Outdoor adventure-seeking RV customers want compact motorhomes that can comfortably carry their families and gear from one adventure to another,” said Hetman. The Fuse is available in two configurations. One has a rear slide out with a queen size bed, and the other has a slide-out in the living room with a bathroom in the rear. Each model is powered by Ford’s five-cylinder, 3.2-liter diesel engine. Other RV manufacturers currently using the Transit chassis include Thor Motor Coach and Forest River Inc.

Transit Also Popular Choice for Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes, which resemble a normal looking van on steroids, are being produced in greater quantities on the Transit chassis. By offering a choice of two wheelbase lengths, three different roof heights and three different engine and transmission combinations, RV manufacturers have the variety they need to build different types of motorhomes. See all the Transit choices for yourself by visiting Chapman Ford.

Ford Donates Transit Connect Vans to Help Hungry

Showing the versatility of the Transit van, Ford has donated five vehicles to help feed hungry people in Kansas City, Dallas, Louisville, Miami and Phoenix. The program starts on December 7 with a donation to the Salvation Army in Kansas City and makes its way to the Phoenix area on December 10 with a donation to the Matthews Crossing Food Bank in nearby Chandler. Matthews Crossing feeds about 3,500 people a month, including the homeless, senior citizens and others on set incomes.


Connectivity and Functionality Contribute to Selection

As one of the prime providers of consumer advice, “U.S. News and World Report” honored Ford trucks by selecting them as the “Best Truck Brand” for 2016. Based mainly on the wide range of options, technology and usefulness of the F-150, the magazine noted that the truck series incorporates an aluminum body and EcoBoost engine to deliver a combination of power and efficiency unmatched by other full-size pickups. Comfortable front seats and a rear area with plenty of legroom added to the decision. See how much the modern pickup has evolved by visiting Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.

Standard Features Abound in F-150

The availability of standard features like the SYNC infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity and a 4.2-inch display screen added to the popularity of the F-150 among reviewers. Buyers have the option to add everything from a dual moonroof and dual climate control to satellite radio or a 360-degree camera system. Ford assistive driving safety features include blind spot monitoring, curve control, adaptive cruise control and parking assist. You can also get an updated SYNC 3 entertainment system that improves voice recognition and has an 8-inch touch screen with navigation. The F-150 comes in six different trim levels that vary from the standard XL all the way up to the super luxurious Limited package. Limited edition models, like the four-wheel drive Raptor, are also available.

Trailer Assist Package Takes Guesswork Away

Unless you’re an experienced trailer driver, backing up that boat or RV into a tight spot can be an almost impossible task. The F-Series truck has a new Pro Trailer Backup Assist option that makes getting that trailer into a spot as simple as playing a video game. Simply turn a knob in the direction you want the trailer to go and the rear camera guides you through the proper path. Rather than trying to remember that if you want the trailer to go “that way,” you need to turn the steering wheel “this way,” this feature makes backing up much more intuitive.

Step Into Luxury With New Limited Package

If you find you need a pickup truck but are on the fence about giving up your luxury sedan, consider the new Ford Limited F-150. With features like heated and cooled leather massage seats, a remote tailgate release and a 360-degree camera with a split display, the Limited has virtually every luxury feature you could imagine on a pickup truck. During Ford’s “Friends and Neighbors” price promotion, you can get the same fantastic deals as if you had a friend working or the company. Stop by Chapman Ford and see why the F-150 has long been the best selling pickup in America.


Ford Common Architecture Pays Attention to Details

Have you ever driven for a few hours and felt like you needed a can opener to extract yourself from your vehicle? Most people don’t pay too much attention to the comfort of the seats when buying a car. Aside from choosing between leather and cloth, and perhaps some power adjustments, the seats are way down the list for most vehicle shoppers. Luckily, Ford engineers have put the seats at the top of their list while developing a common architecture that goes across almost the entire product line. Almost 90 percent of Ford vehicles use the same seat architecture, which stresses comfort, support and reducing muscle fatigue after those long trips. See how comfortable a Ford can be by taking a trip to your Scottsdale Ford dealer, Chapman Ford.

Skeleton is Basis for Superior Comfort Rankings

Ford engineers say the skeleton, or the structure under the padding, is the reason the company’s seats rank first in comfort. By studying ergonomic design in office and home furniture, the designers ensure that Ford seats are able to cradle a passenger comfortably, while providing a snug fit where needed and the freedom to move in other areas. “Our seats are designed to hold people where they want to be held, but without being restricting,” said Dan Ferretti, the man in charge of seat design. “For example, the side bolsters are tapered, which allows a driver to have better movement of their arms and legs.”

Plug and Play Allows for More Features

The keys to the Ford seat design are the plug and play cushion and backrest modules that are not only scalable between the compact Fiesta and full-size F-150, but allow for inclusions of a number of other features. “The plug and play design is really what sets this system apart,” according to Ferretti. “It enables the democratization of technology so we’re able to make more features available to more people.” Along with lumbar support and massage bladders, Ford is able to include heating, cooling, extensions, thigh supports and cushion suspension in all its seats. The use of a high strength steel frame eliminates a number of components common in other seats, which cuts the weight of each vehicle to deliver a fuel savings. Take a few minutes and visit Chapman Ford to see all the different seating options available.

Science and Experimentation Equal Comfort

Ford engineers use specific hip to heel measurements to encourage blood flow and reduce the fatigue that comes with a long drive. By creating a global seat architecture that is simple to modify based on different vehicles and consumer desires, Ford has also cut the costs of seat manufacturing and is able to pass those savings on to the consumer.


Fourth Generation Brings New EcoBoost Engine

The 2017 Ford Escape brings a refreshed look and some different power options to the popular little SUV. With a new 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine standard on the Titanium and SE trim levels, Ford delivers a little more horsepower and efficiency. A new 2.0-liter engine option adds even more horsepower. Both new power packages feature an auto start and stop feature that kills the engine when you are sitting still and immediately starts it when you’re ready to go again. Keep in touch with the pros at Chapman Ford Scottsdale for delivery dates on the new Escape.

First Vehicle With SYNC Connect

The new Escape is the first Ford vehicle with the SYNC Connect package that allows owners to remotely start, lock and unlock, and monitor important vehicle functions from their smartphones. This technology also helps drivers find their car in a crowded parking area. SYNC Connect service is complimentary for 5 years with the purchase of your new Escape. “The compact SUV segment is the largest and most competitive in the United States,” according to Ford president of the Americas, Joe Hinrichs. “The new Escape delivers even more of what our customers want – more technology they can really use to make their daily drive safer and easier.”

Driver Assist Features Help Build Confidence

Safety features such as adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning are ways to help drivers build confidence in a world where traffic congestion has become a daily nightmare. Adaptive cruise control automatically slows your vehicle down as the vehicle in front of you draws closer. Forward collision warning not only sounds an audible alarm, but also automatically applies the brakes if the driver fails to do so

Three Trim Packages Available

The 2017 Ford Escape will be available in S, SE and the ultra luxurious Titanium trim levels. Ford is also introducing a new sport appearance package for customers who like a little flash on their daily driver. The Titanium level also offers a new color this season. Charcoal black with black trim provides a mysterious appearance that goes well with either Salerno or Medium Stone leather seats. A newly-designed layout for the interior provides a more ergonomically-friendly arrangement of controls. Order the optional heated steering wheel and you can leave the gloves at home on your daily commute. The 2017 Escape will be available for your inspection in the spring of 2016 at Chapman Ford Scottsdale.


SYNC Connect Debuts Next Spring

Allowing drivers the ability to lock and unlock doors, check fuel levels and even find their car in a crowded parking lot, SYNC Connect promises to be one of the next hot apps available on a smartphone. “New SYNC Connect provides convenience to Ford owners through an easy-to-use app,” according to the executive director of Ford Connected Vehicles, Don Butler. “The technology helps you seamlessly integrate your vehicle into your lifestyle.” The already popular SYNC infotainment system allows customers to use voice commands to access music and communicate with the outside world. SYNC Connect will be available at your Scottsdale Ford dealership, Chapman Ford, sometime early next year.

First Rollout Comes on Escape

The popular Ford Escape will be the first vehicle to feature SYNC Connect. A built-in modem allows the app to communicate with your phone, giving you complete control over many popular features. The ability to remote start your car is one such feature, which is a life-saver in colder climates. You will be able to turn your heat on and let the car warm up without worrying about leaving the keys in the ignition. News reports show that thieves find people warming up their cars by using the keys an easy way to steal the vehicle. All they have to do is look for smoke coming out of the tailpipe to find their easy prey. Using the new SYNC Connect app, you can even schedule a time to start your car, so it will be ready and toasty warm whenever you plan to leave for work.

Just Another Step in Ford’s Personal Mobility Plan

As one of the largest automakers in the world, Ford is leading the way in solving a pending crisis of urban transportation. There is no way that the roadways of major urban centers can handle the increase in traffic predicted for the next 25 years. By coming up with technology that starts with programs like SYNC Connect, Ford is ahead of the curve in creating a reality where vehicles will communicate with each other to help lessen congestion and move people from one point to another. The initial phase of this program, Ford SYNC, is now in 12 million vehicles worldwide. The latest generations of this technology offers conversational voice recognition, touch screens and user-friendly interfaces. See the SYNC system in action for yourself by taking a trip to Chapman Ford.