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Lighter, Stronger, Meaner Raptor Coming Soon

Like the killer species of dinosaur from which it takes its name, the 2017 Ford Raptor loves to stay under wraps until just the right moment, then spring from its hiding place to shock its unsuspecting victim. Victim, in this instance, is used loosely to describe a Ford truck customer who has never seen anything like this beast on four wheels. Perfect for cruising in town or attacking a tough trail, the new Raptor is a perfect way to release your frustrations from a week of driving in city traffic. Coming soon to Chapman Ford Scottsdale, the Raptor is truly hell on wheels.

Aluminum Body Boosts Performance, Efficiency

By utilizing the same aluminum alloy used in the military, Ford has made the Raptor tough, light and efficient. Now about a quarter of a ton lighter than previous models, the weight reduction helps boost the performance of the all new 24-valve twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. Although final figures aren’t yet in, Ford expects this engine to produce more horsepower and torque than the previous 6.2-Liter V8, along with much better gas mileage.

Beadlock Wheels Let You Control Tire Pressure

Experienced off-roaders know that softer tire pressure is key to tackling rocky trails. The Ford Performance catalog offers a beadlock conversion kit for the Raptor that lets you deflate the tires for your attack on the next hill, but keep them perfectly safe for driving on the road. The 2017 Ford Raptor comes with 17-inch Goodrich All-Terrain tires that provide a quiet ride on the street but have plenty of grip for off-roading.

Bigger, Badder Raptor Had Plenty of Comfort

The new Raptor comes in a SuperCrew configuration, offering room for up to six people. The extra doors don’t hurt the Raptor design, which still comes with the aggressive grill, muscular wheel wells and a monstrous front skid plate to protect all the running gear from the occasional unseen hazard. Step inside the cockpit and the Raptor is as tame as a warm pussycat. Bolstered seats are both comfortable and functional. As you careen from side to side on a rough mountain pass, the large bolsters help keep you upright and in control. Navigation, air conditioning and a supreme sound system all help make the Raptor not only the most aggressive truck on the market, but also one of the most comfortable. Stay in touch with Chapman Ford Scottsdale to see when the first new Raptor is due to arrive on the showroom floor.

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New Platform Integrates Variety of Transportation Solutions

By partnering with futuristic thinking companies like Parkopedia, ParkWhiz and FlightCar, Ford is creating a solution to the transportation problems of tomorrow that go far beyond the purchase of a new car. Parkopedia and ParkWhiz make finding parking in crowded urban areas as simple as using a smart phone, while FlightCar eliminates the need for rental vehicles by allowing people to share cars when they’re away from home. Dealerships like Chapman Ford could be the site for new hubs that help people utilize all the tools available to make getting from one place to another easier than ever. Head to your Scottsdale Ford dealer to discuss the future of technology as a personal mobility solution.

FordPass App is Simple as Playing Music

As a new app for your smart phone, FordPass puts all the power of the Internet at your fingers. Whether you need a parking place, ride from the airport, check on your vehicle or borrow a car, this app is a one-stop shop for all your personal mobility needs. A team of experts is only a phone call away to help guide you through the process until you become a pro. FordGuides help steer you through all the features and benefits that are available to make your trips as smooth as possible.

Use FordPass, Get Perks

It’s still early in the process, but merchants like 7-Eleven and McDonald’s are already on board offering discounts and freebies to people who use FordPass. Expect other major players to jump on the Ford bandwagon and provide exclusive offers on services and merchandise to FordPass users.

FordPass Coming to Retail Outlets

Don’t be surprised if you’re walking through the mall one day and see a FordPass hub inviting you in to experience all the ways this smart new app can make your daily travels easier. Dealerships like Chapman Ford might also be a point of contact some day, with exhibits and experts to explain how using FordPass can help reduce the traffic congestion that is sure to get worse as the decades roll on.

Only One Part of Urban Traffic Solution

FordPass is just one part of a personal mobility solution that will become critical in the nest 20 years if action isn’t taken now. If you’ve traveled in an urban center like New York or Los Angeles, you’ve surely experienced crippling traffic that makes what should be a 10-minute commute a living nightmare. By encouraging people to ride share, use public transportation and driver smarter cars that communicate, Ford is taking the wheel to ensure lives of the future won’t be spent waiting in traffic.


First Time for Program on National Level

With four years under its belt honoring extraordinary African Americans on a local level, the Ford Freedom Unsung Program is now ready to honor special people on a national basis. “Ford has a legacy of honoring African American achievement,” according to Ford Motor Company Fund community development director Pamela Alexander. “We are excited to launch this national contest and reward an unsung hero who uplifts our community.” This program is just another example of how the company, and local agencies like your Scottsdale Ford dealerChapman Ford, give back to others.

Cast Your Vote for an Unsung Hero

Ford and the Tom Joyner Foundation will send the winner of the National Unsung Hero Award on the 2016 Fantastic Voyage, a Carribbean Cruise that will feature Diana Ross as the main entertainment. Once the judges narrow the choices to the top 10, you can go to BlackAmericaWeb and cast your vote for whomever you feel is the most deserving. The online vote counts for 25 percent of the decision with the winner being selected by March 16. The Tom Joyner Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). The Foundation sponsors a yearly cruise to raise money and awareness. Since its inception, the foundation has raised $65 million to help African American students.

Ford Fund Also Involved in HBCU Scholarship Awards

Through its involvement with the Tom Joyner Foundation, the Ford Fund has delivered more than $300,00 in scholarships and grants to students. Since its inception, the Ford Motor Company has been a major employer for African American Workers. It continues to support this minority with other efforts, including a one million dollar donation to the African American History branch of the Smithsonian National Museum, another million dollars to the National Civil Rights Museum, and countless other millions in educational donations to deserving students across America.

Men of Courage Aims to Improve Perception

In an effort to improve the perception of the African American male community, Ford recently unveiled a national initiative named “Men of Courage.” This program provides a voice for African American men and a platform for those with means to donate money for projects that celebrate the African American community. Men of Courage is a way for black men to get involved in either building or rebuilding their communities with the help of the Ford Motor Company.


Varied Lineup Leaves Other Midsize Cars in Dust

With two hybrid models, a Sport trim package that delivers 325 horsepower and a luxurious Platinum edition to go along with the S and SE trim levels, the Ford Fusion provides consumers a wide range of choices in a midsize sedan. “Fusion offers people a lot more car – including helpful technology, beautiful design and a more rewarding driving experience than other midsize sedans,” according to Ford executive Raj Nair. With three different EcoBoost engine choices to go with a pure hybrid and plug-in hybrid model, shoppers may have a tough time choosing which Fusion is right for them. Check out the complete lineup of this beautifully sculpted sedan at your Scottsdale Ford dealer, Chapman Ford.

Sport V6 Tuned Like a Fine Racecar

With controlled damping that allows for fine suspension tuning, the four-door Fusion V6 Sport provides a great driving experience with little body roll in tight corners. This system even detects potholes and automatically adjusts to deliver little impact to the passengers. A bold exterior has deep air intakes and a black mesh grille so there is no question about who owns the road. A rear spoiler, sharp 19-inch wheels and dual exhaust outlets add to the racy exterior. The look is backed up by performance, with 325 horsepower and 350 foot pounds of torque, about 100 more than provided in the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

Fusion Hybrid, Energy Have EcoGuide to Coach Efficiency

The real technological marvels in the lineup are the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Hybrid Energi plug-in models. With an EcoGuide system directing the driver to use techniques to get the maximum production out of the batteries, it becomes a personal challenge to never rely on the gasoline backup engine. The Energi has a total range of more than 500 miles and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours. It’s the perfect commuter vehicle with a large backseat and room for five adults. Both the Hybrid and Energi can reach electric-only speeds up to 85 mph, perfect for keeping up with traffic flow on the freeways.

Fusion Driver Assist Features are Industry Leading

With a pedestrian detection system, hands-free parallel parking, lane keeping assist and blind spot information, the new Fusion is loaded with technology geared to helping drivers avoid collisions. Add in SYNC 3, the latest version of Ford’s miraculous infotainment system, and you’ll see why the new Fusion is ahead of other midsize competitors. Swing by Chapman Ford for a test drive and see what the future has in store.


Arriving in United States This Spring

With the brand new Ford Focus RS finally a reality, local sports cars enthusiasts are holding their breath until it arrives at the Chapman Ford showroom later this spring. The first Focus RS has come off the assembly line in Saarlouis, Germany, providing an affordable alternative to a grown number of hot rod lovers who are increasingly attracted to high performance vehicles. With 350 horses under the hood, this hot hatchback is an addition to a lineup that includes variations on the popular Mustang, the Focus ST and the Fiesta ST.

Focus RS One of a Dozen Performance Cars on Horizon

With a special version of Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine under the hood, the new Focus RS is a hatchback with a purpose. It can hit 62 miles per hour from a standing start in just 4.7 seconds, making it the fastest RS off the line Ford has ever produced. With all wheel drive and dynamic torque vectoring, the new RS provides a premium driving experience with an unmatched ability to grip the road and power through tight turns. The Focus RS also comes with different drive modes, including an innovative drift mode that lets you slide the rear end around corners. The Focus RS is just one of a dozen new high performance vehicles Ford will release by 2020, including the new version of the Raptor coming this fall.

Focus RS Comes Loaded With Features

Along with its dynamic looks and thrilling performance, the Ford Focus RS comes with standard start/stop technology that kills the engine when you’re sitting still. Release the brake and the engine fires as if had been running all along. A 6-speed stick is the standard transmission, along with leather front seats emblazoned with the RS logo. You also get a standard 10-speaker audio Sony audio system to play your favorite tunes. Step up to the RS2 package and the goodies get even better. Along with an 8-way power heated seats, you also get the voice-activated navigation system, a heated steering wheel and heated mirrors.

Handling Package Helps You Keep RS Under Control

With 350 horses fighting to get loose, you need to have some help controlling the Focus RS. With features like electronic power steering, electronic brake assist, 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes and dynamic torque vectoring with all-wheel drive, you’ll always be in control of your new Focus RS. Driver selectable sport suspension helps you fine tune the handling setup based on your mood and road conditions. A rear spoiler helps by providing downward pressure on the rear during high speed runs, while the unique sport exhaust gives a satisfying rumble as you put the Focus through its paces. Swing by Chapman Ford later this spring when the newest sports car in the Ford lineup arrives and take a test drive.