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Editors Looking for ‘Wow’ Factor

When the editors of “Motor Trend” magazine pitted a new Corvette Stingray Z51 against a 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350, it was for the ever elusive title of “Best American Sports Car.” The editor were looking for race track dominance, but not at the cost of keeping the car in the garage from Monday through Friday. In short, they wanted to see which vehicle looked the fastest, sounded the fastest, was the fastest, but more importantly, provided an exhilarating driving experience. You can get a premium driving experience for yourself by checking out the Mustang inventory at Chapman Ford.

Was Mustang Made to Battle Corvette?

The traditional battle for Pony Car supremacy between Ford and Chevrolet involves the Mustang and Camaro, so were the “Motor Trend” editors a bit off-base making the Mustang move up a weight class? Not really, since the Shelby GT350 is no ordinary Mustang. Even with the optional Track package, the GT350 came in at $56,970, a savings of almost $14,000 over the Corvette. With magnetic shocks, firm springs and a front strut brace, the Track package outfitted the Mustang comparably to the magnetic ride control shocks of the Camaro. Once the cars were secured, the testing began on the racetrack and the freeways surrounding Los Angeles.

Mustang Takes the Lead on the Road

Although the Corvette did very well on the track with its low center of gravity and super grip tires, when the comparison test moved out to the freeways it began to lose ground to the Mustang. Soft response in the steering and the inability to always find the right gear was a problem. The Mustang, on the other hand, exhibited a playfulness that made driving the traffic-laden roads fun. The editors said it is the most “engaging a performance car as you’re going to get for less than the cost of a Porsche GT3.”

Mustang Outscores Corvette in Key Areas

When it comes to driver comfort, ergonomics and styling, the Mustang is a clear winner over the Corvette. The Chevy is slightly faster in the quarter-mile, but the Ford transmission is much more responsive and fun to drive. The most important “fun to drive” category clearly goes to the Shelby GT350. Check in with the pros at Chapman Ford and see about arranging a test drive in this Pony car for the ages.


Stop-and-Go Function Helps Find Your Way Through Congestion

The new stop-and-go technology that’s part of the 2017 Ford Fusion will help make your daily commutes much less stressful. As an addition to the existing adaptive cruise control, the feature lets you set your cruise control speed as well as the desired distance to the vehicle in front of you. The stop-and-go technology maintains your speed and distance as traffic allows, even coming to a full stop if traffic dictates. If the stop is less than 3 seconds, the car will start up automatically and maintain the previously set pace. “When testing this system, we traveled to cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, heading straight for the worst possible congestion,” according to Ford driver assist technology manager Scott Lindstrom. “It was important for us to test this system under conditions the average driver encounters every workday.” The new Fusion will arrive at Chapman Ford this spring.

Traffic Congestion Wastes 6.9 Billion Hours

A recent study conducted by Texas A&M University shows that drivers in the United States spend about 6.9 billion hours a year stuck in traffic. Not surprisingly, the most hours lost come in gridlocked cities like Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles where one-way commutes can often equal an hour and a half. The new stop-and-go technology pioneered by Ford will not only reduce stress, but as it becomes more common in other vehicles will actually free up traffic and reduce the amount of time drivers spend in their vehicles. By utilizing a combination of software and sensors, cars can react more quickly to changing conditions than humans, helping to keep traffic moving.

Works in Combination With Other Driver Assist Features

Stop-and-go technology and adaptive cruise control are just a couple of the driver assist features available on the Ford Fusion this spring. Spend some time at Chapman Ford and let the pros demonstrate 18 other safety features that are stepping stones on the way to autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles. Pre-collision assist that also detects pedestrians is another part of the technology, which utilizes the same sensors to recognize obstacles, issue a warning, and apply the brakes if the driver does not react. All the driver assistance features will be available on the entire Fusion lineup, including the Hybrid and Energi models. The popular Fusion is a roomy mid-size sedan that delivers up to 44 mpg in the city. With proven hybrid technology and driver assistance features, it is a natural choice for Ford to continue to develop as a self-driving car.


Trailer Reverse Guidance Makes Backing Up Easy

If backing up a trailer seems like it’s part skill mixed with a dose of wizadry and just a little bit of luck, you’ll love the Trailer Reverse Guidance system on the new Ford Super Duty trucks. By utilizing seven digital cameras to see all the angles and obstacles in your way, the system provides guidance to help you slip that big rig exactly where it needs to go. Three cameras are used solely for guiding the trailer backwards; including one that gives a birds-eye view of your situation so you can avoid jackknife situations. Four other cameras are positioned to give you a view behind the trailer, inside the cargo box, another for lane-changing assistance and the last for the immediate front of the truck. Stop by Chapman Ford for a demonstration of this amazing new technology.

Super Duty Tops in Towing Ability

With a gross combination weight rating of 40,000 pounds and a maximum tow rating of 31,200 pounds, the Ford Super Duty tows and hauls more than any other comparable truck. Choose from the second generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel or the 6.2-liter V8 engine. The turbo diesel produces a best-in-class 440 horsepower while generating a spine-crushing 860 pound feet of torque, more than enough to get any load started up a steep grade. Utilizing tow/haul mode with engine braking not only helps you keep control of your load down long, steep hills, but also ensures optimal power and no need to shift for gears when you climb to the top of a ridge.

Hard Working Trucks With Plenty of Style

Choose from the decked out Kings Ranch edition with leather seats and special embroidery, or step up to the Limited package that includes luxury like a heated steering wheel, walnut trim, Ford SYNC infotainment and navigation. The Ford Super Duty gives you plenty of options to get your work done while still driving in the lap of luxury. Remote start, adjustable foot pedals with stored memory, a tailgate step and garage door opener are just a few of the additional features of these hard-working trucks.

Multiple Sizes and Trim Packages to Choose From

Head to Chapman Ford and see the wide variety of trucks that make up the Ford Super Duty lineup. Ranging from F250 to F450 in configurations that go from a dependable work truck to a luxury car on steroids, the new Ford Super Duty makes working out on the road a task you’ll look forward to every single day.


Best Selling Truck is Best Overall

Kelley Blue Book, one of the leading automotive consumer publications, has chosen the Ford F-Series trucks as the best truck brand in America. Ford has won the title in seven of the eight years KBB has offered the award, including three years in a row. KBB went to the buying source as consumers picked the F-Series as the best overall brand. Features like Pro Trailer Backup Assist on the F-150 and best-in-class horsepower for the F-Series Super Duty are just a couple of reasons Ford won the award again. By utilizing military grade high-strength aluminum for the body, Ford has created a much more efficient truck. The Super Duty has best-in-class torque at 860 foot pounds, which is necessary for getting those big loads started. See the complete line of F-Series trucks at Chapman Ford Scottsdale.

F-Series Best Selling Truck for 39 Years

Sales figures don’t lie. America has been in love with Ford trucks for at least the last 39 years, as the F-Series has dominated sales during that time. Ford trucks were also the best selling vehicles overall for 34 of those 39 years, proving that America’s love affair with pickups is still alive and well. KBB says Ford offers what consumers want; great payload capacity and towing ability, tons of creature comfort fixtures, a low starting price and, most of all, a vehicle that provides a premium driving experience. Ford trucks also hold their resale value very well, helping to ensure that you have some equity when it’s time to trade yours in and get a new one.

New Features Add to Truck Appeal

Start with the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that delivers more horsepower and greater fuel efficiency than the old V8. The new F-Series also has SYNC3, the upgraded version of Ford’s infotainment system that offers premium voice recognition software so you can keep your eyes focused on the road. New 20-inch wheels, a sporty appearance package and the trailer assist feature that makes backing up a trailer as easy as a video game all add to the truck’s continued popularity.

Power and Efficiency are Hard to Beat

Ford now has the highest EPA fuel ratings among gasoline full-size pickups while still leading the pack with towing ratings and payload capacity. Add the fact that the new F-150 is the safest truck ever created, with five-star ratings across the board no matter what type of cab you choose. The new Ford F-Series trucks are also the most dependable truck Ford has ever made, passing more than 10 million miles of tough testing in the desert, mountains, on the proving ground and in the lab. Take a test drive in an F-Series at Chapman Ford Scottsdale and you’ll see why America loves these trucks.

shelby driving school

GT350 Drivers Get Closed Track Instruction

When purchasing a fire-breathing dragon, it’s especially helpful if the dragon comes with some instructions. Owners of the Shelby Mustang GT350 will receive plenty of instruction on how to tame this beast and get the most fun out of every driving experience with a free road course in Tooele, UT. The course starts in April and is open to owners of a 2015 or 2016 Shelby GT350 or GT350R Mustang. “GT350 is a car that needs to be experienced on a closed road course,” according to Ford Performance marketing manager Jim Owens. “The program is designed for owners to learn how to get the most out of their car so they can appreciate the unique performance Shelby GT350 delivers, while also gaining driving skills and experience. It’s going to be a ton of fun.” See how you can get your hands on a Shelby GT350 Mustang by visiting the pros at Chapman Ford Scottsdale.

Includes Classroom and On-track Learning

Drivers who participate in the Shelby training session will be greeted by an evening reception, but after that it’s all business. The second day includes some classroom time, and then it’s out on the track to put the Shelby through its paces. You don’t need to bring your own Shelby, but you are responsible for airfare and your hotel room. A second day of training is available for an additional cost, as is the chance to drive either a Boss 302 or Mustang GT on the second day. “Regardless of a person’s driving ability, this will be an unbelievable experience,” said Ford Performance Racing School president Dan McKeever. “From the weekend track warrior to the car collector, this program provides the skills needed to really enjoy the Shelby Mustang in the environment for which it is designed.” Once you’ve bought your Shelby GT350 Mustang from Chapman Ford, go to to register for your classes.

GT350 Not Just a Souped Up Mustang

Although the GT is certainly a powerful Mustang, generating 526 horses and 429 foot-pounds of torque from its 5.2-liter V8 engine, the Shelby creation is a lot more than just power. The GT350 features a MagneRide Damping System that continually adjusts to road conditions and power to create a thrilling drive. The dampers, springs and sway bars all work in unison to provide the ultimate in control when traveling through tight corners. Designers were able to minimize drag while maximizing downforce to make sure the GT350 has plenty of traction while slicing through the wind with minimal resistance. Ford’s Performance Engineers have created a truly special beast and the company is now offering lessons on how it can be tamed to create the thrill of a lifetime.