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Roads? You Don’t Need No Stinking Roads

With the chance to choose six different terrain settings to adjust the suspension and throttle on the 2017 Ford Raptor, chances are drivers won’t be spending too much time on the paved highway. Although there is a Normal mode for everyday driving, the option to choose the five other selections may make drivers look for the nearest exit and head off into the wilderness. Sport, Weather, Mud/Sand, Baja and Rock Crawl offer a wide variety of settings that still give the driver the freedom to create a custom setup to match conditions. For example, you can keep stability control on but reduce traction, or you can turn the AdvanceTrac settings off altogether. Talk to the team at Chapman Ford to see when the first Raptors will make their way to the showroom floor.

Sport Turns Mountain Passes Into Playthings

Select the Sport mode on the new Raptor and you increase the sensitivity of the throttle response along with delivering a sportier feel behind the wheel. The transmission also takes each gear to a higher rev, providing a nice pop when you shift to the next level. This is perfect for a winding mountain pass or taking your new truck to the track. Choose the Weather mode when the rain or snow makes traction a bit tricky. Your Raptor will automatically engage the AdvanceTrac system and optimize the throttle response and transmission shifting to keep you in control.

Off-Road Settings Are Four-Wheeler’s Best Friend

Select the Mud/Sand mode if you’re off road dealing with loose dirt or wet areas. Along with engaging the four-wheel drive system, this mode also locks in the differential to help your Raptor keep its footing and continue moving forward. If you’re taking a run through the desert and want to make good time, switch on Baja mode to slip into four-wheel drive and adjust the throttle for more straight-line power. The transmission shifts quickly to give you control in the rough terrain. For the ultimate in hill climbing and navigation of really serious trails, hit the Rock Crawl selection for intense driving at very low speeds. Along with putting the vehicle into four-wheel low, Rock Crawl also locks the differential and the throttle is adjusted for the greatest control. A front-mounted camera stays on at speeds up to 15 miles per hour so you can safely navigate the obstacles in your way. The Raptor is the perfect truck for people who like to go off-road but still need a fun daily driver. See it for yourself this fall when it comes to Chapman Ford, your Scottsdale Ford dealer.


Entrepreneurs Love Versatility of Transit Connect

The ability to adjust the configuration of the Ford Transit Connect van makes it the perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs who need transportation that satisfies both their personal needs and work requirements. Devin Stovall of California recently won a new Transit Connect in a Ford giveaway. He plans on using it to start a business that is perfect for his two passions: his family and bicycles. “This summer, I’ll use our Transit Connect Wagon to service bicycles and wheelchairs on weekends and days off from my full-time job at a bicycle shop,” Stovall said. “During the week, I’ll use it to drive my oldest to preschool and my littlest to daycare. Then, when I flip the seats down, it’s a great grocery-getter and beach gear transporter.” See all the possibilities that will make your life easier by checking out the Transit inventory at Chapman Ford.

Side Businesses Perfect Fit for Transit

As wages in the United States haven’t kept up with the cost of goods, the number of people starting side businesses has risen. People are also choosing to try and utilize skills or be involved in activities totally different from their 40-hour job. “(People) realize they have things that are underutilized that they can monetize, including vehicles and time,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford trending manager. “Participating in the gig economy gives us a buffer, helping us work to live instead of live to work.” FlexJobs interviewed a large number of Millennials last year and found that most of them would enjoy having a side job. The Transit Connect, which can be outfitted with 7-passenger seating and up to 104 cubic feet of interior room, is the vehicle of choice for many small business start-ups.

Transit Efficiency Delivers Savings

Depending on how you set up your Ford Transit Connect, you can achieve up to 29 mpg, which means big savings for small business owners who put a lot of miles on their vehicle. The short wheelbase Transit Connect can be set up with seating for five, including second row seats that can be folded flat or removed entirely if you need the space. Fold the front passenger seat down and it serves as a desk you can use when you’re out on the road. A low floor height makes loading and unloading incredibly easy. Go check out all the different ways the Transit Connect will work for your personal and work life with a trip to Chapman Ford.