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‘Best-in-Class’ Aptly Describes New Ford Super Duty

Whether you’re looking to tow your boat up to Canyon Lake for a weekend of fun, haul a load of block for a weekend of work, or take the family (including the dog) to grandma’s house for the holidays, the 2018 Ford Super Duty is the truck that can handle the task. With a new 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine providing best-in-class torque and towing capability, the Super Duty is the champ when it comes to completing any job you can throw its way. “Super Duty customers expect the best, and for 2018 we’re giving our customers even more power and torque from our 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel – delivering the most horsepower and torque available among all heavy-duty pickups,” according to Ford Truck marketing manager Todd Eckert. “Plus, our new F-450 pickup now includes a 4×2 model, enabling our customers to get more done with the segment’s best payload and towing.” If you need more power and hauling capability than the F-150 can provide, head over to Chapman Ford in Scottsdale and take a look at the lineup offered by the Ford Super Duty.

Best-in-Class Across the Board

From an output of 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque to a monstrous limit of 34,000 pounds of gooseneck towing, the Ford Super Duty truck lineup offers a number of best-in-class features that dwarf the competition. It’s best-in-class limit of 21,000 pounds of conventional towing (ball and hitch) leaves you only challenged by your imagination as to what you might put behind your new Super Duty truck. Safe to say the largest recreational trailer or boat won’t test the limits of these powerful trucks. The upgraded diesel engine has new cylinder heads that were redesigned for added strength under maximum loads. New fuel and turbo calibrations take full advantage of the durability of these heads to withstand abuse under extreme conditions, ensuring you’ll clear that next mountain pass with no problem. Ford remains the only truck manufacturer to build its own diesel engine, meaning it will meet the company’s standards while working perfectly with the transmission, chassis and other components to keep you rolling down the road.

Number of Choices for Any Job

Starting with the F-250, the Ford Super Duty also comes in F-350 and F-450 configurations with a number of different trim levels to fit any size and budget. Although there’s no denying the workhorse nature of the Ford Super Duty, you might be surprised at the luxurious comfort features available. No longer do “working person” trucks just come with a slick vinyl bench seat and AM radio. These Ford Super Duty trucks have available plush leather interiors, killer infotainment systems that provide concert quality sound and Internet connectivity, and a ride that would put some luxury sedans to shame. To get a real feeling of what Ford is offering in its Super Duty lineup, head to Chapman Ford today and take a test drive. You still have time to make one a holiday gift for that special someone in your life.

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