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Customer Demand for Mustang Continues Strong


Top Selling Sports Coupe Worldwide

Despite having limited stock in important markets like the United Kingdom and China for much of 2015, the Ford Mustang was the top selling sports coupe in the world. By moving 110,000 coupes and 30,000 convertibles last year, Ford Motor Company claims the title of having by far the most sales of any two-door sports car. “U.S. consumers have enjoyed interesting foreign sports cars for decades, so it was time for the Americans to return the favor with the worldwide launch of the new Mustang,” according to Ford sales analyst Erich Merkle. “Global markets have responded in a huge way. Ford Mustang was the only sports coupe in the world with more than 100,000 units registered last year.” See why the Mustang remains so popular by taking a test drive at Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.

U.S. and World Differ on Engine Choices

Although customers in the United States generally prefer the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, people in other parts of the world opt for the more powerful, and throaty, V8. “That unmistakable V8 warble is a hot commodity outside the U.S.,” Merkle said. More than 16,600 European customers have ordered a Mustang since sales began last summer. Sales in the United Kingdom didn’t begin until late last year, but have still totaled more than 3,500 orders. Germans love the Mustang, but are in favor of the convertible more than other markets. One in three Mustangs ordered in Germany are top-down ponies. Sales are also strong as Mustang ranks as the number one sports coupe in China, Australia and New Zealand.

Mustang Still Top Dog in America

Sales of the Mustang this March in America beat total sales of the new Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger combined. The Ford Mustang was also the best selling sports car in America for 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, so there’s no reason to think the most popular pony car in the world won’t continue its domination through the rest of this year. Mustang also leads all sports cars in sales in Canada and Mexico.

Range of Trim Levels Makes Mustang Popular

One of the reasons the Mustang is so popular is because there’s a pony car for every price range. Starting out in the mid $20,000, the Mustang coupe is still a Mustang, providing buyers with a beautiful machine that’s fun to drive. Move up to the Mustang GT and Shelby GT350 and you get a lot more performance, but any Mustang is a precise combination of handling, performance and beauty. Fall in love with the Mustang of your dreams with a trip to Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.

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