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Drivers Excited for the 2016 Ford F-150 New Backup Assist


You are excited to get your boat back in the water for the summer, but you always fear those moments when you have to back up the trailer into the water. Fear no more as Ford has solved this problem for you. This new tech is featured on the 2016 F-150 model pickup truck, which will be for sale at Chapman Ford by year’s end.

This new feature is called Pro Trailer Backup Assist (PTBA) and is designed to make backing up a trailer of virtually any size really easy. It could be a boat, mobile home or a small cargo rig made for moving. If it can be towed by the new F-150, it is guaranteed to be compatible with the new backup assist.

This is the way it works.

No hands on the steering wheel!

The steering wheel isn’t used to control the PTBA. Drivers actually control minor adjustments when backing up using a dashboard and control made especially for the trailer backup. There are only two directions for the knob, right and left which simplify the vehicle’s movements. The truck will automatically steer itself while you are working on the knob and dashboard. It will also instantly modify the speed as required.

As stated by Car and Driver, the driver can still use the pedals to control speed, however the maximum speed with the PTBA engaged and in reverse is 4.3 mph. The system will automatically shut off when the vehicle is back in drive and goes over 25 mph.

Ford claims that the system will make backing up easy for drivers of any skill level.

So what do you need for this system to work?

The PTBA will work with your existing trailer as long as it doesn’t have a gooseneck hitch. According to Ford’s tests, the system works with virtually every system except a goosneck. Car and Driver claimed that every trailer Ford has tested has worked with the system. You just need to supply four quick measurements to set it up before hitting the road, including the distance between the:

  • Hitch ball and license plate
  • The mid of the back axle and the tailgate
  • Sticker target and rear facing camera
  • Sticker target and middle of hitch ball

The sticker target you will have to apply yourself. They are black and white stickers designed by Ford to help make the above calculations easier and when properly placed will make backing up your 2016 Ford F-150 much easier.

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