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Ford F-150 Production Moves Forward from Previous Supply Shortage


Ford Motor’s lightweight aluminum overhaul to its bestselling model the F-150 was regarded with uncertainty, even by Ford fans. Ford decided to take a risk in offering lightweight aluminum and switching to an untested design. In addition, the company took an even larger chance after achieving a formidable place in the U.S. marketplace. The F-Series has been America’s preferred truck for decades and the best-selling vehicle in the nation for 33 consecutive years. Therefore a move of switching to aluminum was quite a daring step.

Would potential customers be as enthusiastic to purchase the brand new lightweight aluminum bodies F-150, was the major question analysts asked. After receiving a encouraging reaction, Ford’s also been confronted with the problem of supply shortage because the two plants manufacturing the F-150 happen to be retooled. Let’s examine Ford’s endeavor in producing a modified product to its potential customers along with the dilemmas it confronted in doing this.

The new ground-breaking F-150 keeps on being the country’s favored option with huge demand from customers for the most recent model. The use of lightweight aluminum makes the truck around 700 lb lighter from the previous steel model. The updated truck provides 26 miles per gallon. It obtained a five-star ranking from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The new innovative pickup continues to show off tough looks and offers tremendous toughness that millions enjoy in Ford’s pickups.

The vehicle is flying out of dealerships, with the Blue Oval providing 240,139 pickups in the 1st 4 months of 2015. In spite of this, that quantity could have been considerably more, had Ford been in a position to make the pickup at the preferred capacity. However manufacturing issues crippled Ford’s F-Series supply because the automaker was involved with retooling the two plants.

In March, the F-150 sales were actually down not because of insufficient demand but the inability to keep up with the massive demand. So when looking at the dips in sales volumes over the past few months of the new Ford F-150, the upgrading to the plants will have to be taken into account.

The two plants have finally been re tooled and the production of the F-150 is set to be back on schedule and dealerships like Chapman Ford Scottsdale will be stocked by the end of the month.

In May F-150 buyers paid on average $3,300 more than last year’s model for a total of $43,300, which was $600 more than April’s price.

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