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In the traditional hierarchy of ranking precious metals, you start with bronze, then move to silver and ultimately, gold. Gold wasn’t good enough to describe the premium status of the top-of-the-line Ford Explorer, with more features and creature comforts than the company has ever offered in its full-size SUV, so Ford has aptly named this trim level “Platinum.” With a premium Nirvana leather interior, dual panel moonroof and heated second row seats, this is one SUV that just may replace your favorite recliner as a space to relax. Chapman Ford in Scottsdale has a large Ford Explorer inventory just waiting for your inspection and a test drive.

Premium Features, Affordable price

With a starting sticker price of just $53,940, the Ford Explorer Platinum offers many of the same features at a much lower price than you’ll find in other premium SUVs. The Nirvana leather seats have micro perforations, allowing the seat to breathe and keep you cooler in the hot Phoenix summers. Quilted bolsters are not only attractive, but provide a soft cushion to prevent fatigue on long drives. You’ll take those drives enjoying your favorite music piped in thorugh a premium Sony sound system, offering 500 watts of power driving 12 speakers. Clear Phase audio helps eliminate any distortion and create a clear, concert-like experience. Other premium features include LED lighting in front and rear, power folding mirrors, rain sensing wipers and a heated steering wheel for those cold desert mornings.

EcoBoost Provides Plenty of Power

Ford’s innovative 3.5L EcoBoost engine powers the Platinum model, delivering 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, both of which are best in its class. The EcoBoots provides plenty of power for whatever adventure may come your way, including towing a recreational trailer or boat to your favorite weekend spot. With the standard all-wheel drive and trailer sway control, the Explorer adjusts the brakes and engine power to keep your trailer in line when conditions get tough. If you were ever in an SUV and had the feeling you were about to tip over going around a curve, you’ll have no such fears in the Explorer. Curve Control senses when you’re going a bit too fast for a corner and automatically slows the vehicle down up to 10 mph.

Interior Configures Quickly for People or Cargo

The new Ford Explorer has an available PowerFold rear seat that goes flat at the press of a button, making plenty of room to haul your latest yard sale find. Put the seats up and you have room for seven adults, who will enjoy being driven to work in the lap of luxury in the office carpool. The Ford Explorer is a marvel of engineering both inside and out. See it and take a test drive today at Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.

From its statement-making front grille to the LED lighting in the rear, the 2018 Ford Explorer has been redesigned to meet the needs of the explorer in everyone. The interior features the use of upscale materials and bold new colors that scream sophistication and comfort. Choose from five different wheel options to pick the rims that are just right for you. Whether you’re traveling down the nation’s freeways or exploring a dusty trail, the new Ford Explorer offers a presence that will turn heads while putting a smile on the faces of you and your passengers. See the new Explorer and take a test drive when the new Explorer arrives at Chapman Ford.

EcoBoost Provides Power and Efficiency

The 2018 Ford Explorer comes standard with a powerful 3.5L V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower and a healthy 24 mpg on the highway. For almost as much power (280 horses), but more torque and greater fuel efficiency, consider the new 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. That motor delivers 27 mpg with front-wheel drive and 25 mpg when you opt for the all-wheel drive package. For the most power, choose the 3.5L EcoBoost that combines turbocharging and direct injection to generate a best in class 365 horsepower and stout 365 pound feet of torque. This comes standard in the Explorer Sport and Platinum trim levels and is the best choice for recreational trailering.

Slip into Something Comfortable

If comfort is a key consideration on your daily drive, you’d do well to take a look at the new Explorer when it arrives on the showroom floor at Chapman Ford. Available features like a 10-way power driver’s seat with lumbar support, leather-wrapped steering wheel that’s heated on some models and illuminated front scuff plates all add to the amenities. The Limited and Platinum models offer both heated and cooled front-row seats. The Platinum model is the height of sophistication with real wood on the steering wheel, a digital instrument panel and supple Nirvana leather that supports your body with a warm embrace. Hit a button to open up the dual moonroof and let Mother Nature come in, then drown her out by cranking up the 500-watt Sony audio system all the way to 11. Available second row bucket seats offer a little more comfort and room for your passengers to stretch out. The 2018 Ford Explorer offers the driving dynamics, smooth ride and creature comforts that modern drivers crave. Keep in touch with Chapman Ford to see when you can take your test drive and take this modern marvel of engineering home.

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Family Mindset, Love of Performance

For people born between 1965 and 1978, a recent study shows that the Ford Explorer Sport is the SUV of choice. The research firm MaritzCX conducted a poll that shows those approaching middle age desire the Explorer Sport because it offers the utility of a family hauling vehicle without sacrificing power and performance. “Ford has a very interesting customer with this product, and what’s unusual is that many are buying it without trading anything in,” according to MaritzCX director of research Jim Mulcrone. “Our study shows that while 17 percent of all non-luxury SUV buyers classify themselves as ‘specialty professionals,’ that number is closer to one in four with Explorer Sport. It seems this product is breaking through.” See how luxury appointments and sporty performance combine for the perfect family vehicle by taking a test drive at Chapman Ford.

Gen-Exers Have Higher Household Income

Although the Ford Explorer Sport is nowhere near the top of the line when it comes to cost, the study shows that the people who buy the SUV have a household income of $175,000 per year, compared with $112,000 for those who buy other models. “When consumers look at Explorer Sport, they see all the style and performance of a luxury SUV, but at roughly $20,000 less,” said Omar Odeh, Ford marketing manager. “Our surveys show Explorer Sport owners highly rate such attributes as ‘power and pick-up,’ ‘fun to drive’ and ‘overall performance.’ The best part is they represent incremental buyers for us, in that some don’t even set out looking for the Ford brand.” Odeh said that fact proves the Explorer Sport can stand on its own, apart from the Ford brand.

EcoBoost Engine Teams With Intelligent 4WD

Ford’s amazing 3.5L EcoBoost engine powers the Ford Explorer Sport, delivering 22 mpg on the highway while still producing 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Ford’s Intelligent 4-wheel drive system delivers power to the wheel that needs it the most. Hill Descent Control is included, helping you navigate steep downward drops while keeping your vehicle under control. The Explorer Sport includes standard features such as perforated leather-trimmed seats, a trailer tow package and concert quality Sony 12-speaker sound system. See all the standard features and find out just how much fun this sporty SUV is to drive by taking a trip today to Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.


Little Larger Four Cylinder Provides a World of Difference

As an option to previous versions of the Explorer, the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine was great when it came to fuel efficiency, but frankly disappointing in terms of performance. It just didn’t have enough oomph to power this full-size SUV, so Ford upped the ante for the 2016 model year and is now providing a 2.3-liter engine. Three-tenths of a liter may not sound like much, but that adds up to 40 more horsepower and 40 more foot pounds of torque. Reviewers say that is more than enough to justify the four extra miles per gallon on the highway over the V-6. Drive the new Ford Explorer today and test the performance for yourself with a visit to Chapman Ford.

Save a Few Bucks Initially With the V-6

Of course, if you’re planning on towing more than 3,000 pounds or just want the extra horsepower the V-6 provides, you can stick with that standard offering. The turbo 4-cylinder is a $995 option, so you just need to figure how many miles you’ll have to drive to earn back enough money for it to pay for itself. Another option is the 365-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-6 that comes on the Sport and new Platinum editions. Along with extra power, the Platinum model comes with every option possible including mesh-perforated leather seats, quality aluminum and wood ash trim and a 500-watt Sony stereo system. Finely-tuned suspension makes both the Sport and Platinum models handle very well on sharp mountain corners. Both vehicles will go from 0 to 60 mph in just under six seconds, which won’t win a drag race with a muscle car but will let you pass most anything on the road with little effort.

Platinum Not Only Model to Get Revised Interior

Although the Platinum Explorer is a sight to behold, some of the other Ford Explorer models have also received a revamped interior this year. The armrest is much more comfortable and the third row seating offers some of the most legroom in the industry.

Scale Down a Bit to Ford Flex to Save More

If you want the EcoBoost V-6 but want to save a few hundred dollars, you might consider the highly-stylized Ford Flex. This is a smaller vehicle than the Explorer but offers some modern lines along with standard navigation and blind spot warning. See both vehicles for yourself and then compare with a trip to Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.


Ford Takes Luxury SUV to Another Level

If, as the song says, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” then platinum must rank as a very close second. Sink into the leather interior of the new Ford Explorer Platinum edition and you’ll understand why the company says it is “redefining” what people expect from their SUV. The Nirvana leather interior features micro-perforation, an industry-first that allows the material to breathe and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Look for the new decked-out Explorer to hit the showroom at Chapman Ford this month. Along with the plush seating, Ford has added a 500-watt Sony stereo system. “Platinum is the ultimate expression of refinement,” said Michael Arbaugh, chief designer for the Explorer. “This is the most upscale, high quality interior we’ve ever offered in a Ford vehicle in North America.”

High Quality Materials Used Throughout

Along with the leather and the stereo, Ford has upgraded the interior trim features using polished aluminum and ash wood on the dash and door panels. The steering wheel is wrapped with both wood and leather to add a touch of sophistication. It’s even heated to make those cold winter mornings more bearable. Add colors like ceramic or ebony with an anthracite headliner. Other new features that scream luxury include smart device chargers that bring your smartphones and tablets up to full power twice as fast as conventional chargers. A hands-free rear gate requires just the swipe of your foot to open, leaving your hands to carry bags or corral your kids.

EcoBoost Engine Delivers Power and Efficiency

The 3.5-liter, 6-cylinder EcoBoost engine delivers 365 horsepower and 350 foot pounds of torque, which makes it perfect for towing. If you need a little more fuel efficiency, Ford is now offering a 2.3-liter, four cylinder EcoBoost that provides an amazing 280 horsepower while getting 28 miles per gallon on the highway. This is the first year you can also get four-wheel drive capability along with a four-cylinder engine. The Platinum Explorer comes with an intelligent four-wheel drive system that is continually reassessing road conditions to make sure the right amount of power is delivered to each wheel. The Terrain Management System is 20 times as fast as a human response, making sure you have the best possible traction and handling on sketchy surfaces. Torque is shifted between the front and back axles to help maintain efficiency even in off-road conditions. Drive the new Platinum Explorer for yourself and see what luxury truly means by taking a trip to Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.