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Super Duty Ups Ante on Towing Performance

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Stiff High-strength Steel Forms Foundation of Workhorse

With a frame that is boxed with high-strength steel, the new Ford Super Duty trucks have the ability to support greater towing and payload limits than ever before. “This is the best heavy-duty truck we’ve ever made,” according to Ford exec Doug Scott. “We listened to our customers and created the toughest, smartest and most capable Super Duty ever.” The 2017 is now the class leader when it comes to towing, with the F-450 capable of pulling a gooseneck trailer weighing up to 32,500 pounds. Conventional ball and hitch towing is now rated at 21,000 pounds, or a half-ton more than the closest competitor. Talk to the pros at Chapman Ford about which Super Duty best fits your towing and hauling needs.

Towing Technology Makes Job Easier

Ford recognizes that people who don’t tow for a living, such as boaters and camping enthusiasts, could use a little help when it comes to pulling a big payload. That’s why they’ve added helpful technology such as adaptive cruise control and a system that warns you of impending collisions, and then applies the brakes if you fail to act. This means that even if you are pulling a load near the top of the truck’s allowable limit, you can climb mountain grades without a worry. Other useful features include a rear camera that helps when hooking up a trailer, and four digital cameras that help you keep an eye on your trailer from all sides. Trailer Reverse Guidance makes backing your trailer into a tight spot easier than ever before. Tire pressure monitoring and blind spot monitoring are two additional safety features that help driver awareness.

Powerful Diesel Delivers Staggering Torque

Although the 440 horsepower that the 6.7L V8 Turbo Diesel delivers on the new Ford Super Duty lineup is impressive, it’s the amount of torque the engine puts out that is absolutely staggering. With 925 pound-feet of torque available, you can get moving from a complete stop at the base of the steepest incline imaginable with very little effort. If a gasoline engine is your choice, Ford offers a 6.2L V8 that pumps out 385 horses and very respectable 430 pound-feet of torque. Both engines are paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission that provides seamless transition through the gears whether you’re on a steep incline or flat highway. See how much easier your towing life can become when you get behind the wheel of a new Ford Super Duty. The pros at Chapman Ford are ready to answer all your questions and set up a test drive today.

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Get Ready to Rumble With Newest Ford Sports Car

Check in early and often with the pros at Chapman Ford to see when the new 350-horsepower Focus RS will be arriving on the showroom floor. The very first delivery was made to Jackson Gilmore of San Diego, who skipped out on work so he could pick up his new beauty. Once rumors of the new Focus RS began swirling, Gilmore held off on a planned new car purchase and has been tracking production of his Focus RS until delivery. “You start it up, it’s got a little bit of a growl to it, it rumbles,” he said. “You kind of know you’re in something serious.” Along with the throaty roar and the power, Gilmore has been impressed with the handling. “It’s got power, but the biggest thing I noticed is the handling,” he said. “I think it’s glued to the road; it’s super tight…so as soon as you move the wheel it just points in and hugs the turn. It’s awesome, honestly.”

Innovative All-Wheel Drive Part of the Package

A group of special performance engineers worked together on the Ford Focus RS, developed an all-wheel drive system that has dynamic torque vectoring to add an extra level of control. The RS provides a choice of four different driving modes: Track, Normal, Sport and Drift. Set it on Sport for some fun out on a mountain highway, but Drift is an industry first for a production vehicle. That setting configures the suspension, steering and engine response to allow you to slide the rear-end around a corner as you keep your foot on the gas. It’s not recommended for road driving, but is a heck of a lot of fun in a closed track scenario.

Winter Tire and Wheel Option Perfect for Snow Country

The 2017 Ford Focus RS is the first production car in North America to offer a winter tire and wheel package that helps cut through the ice and snow. With Michelin Alpin PA4 tires, mounted center caps and pressure monitoring technology, your Focus will be at home on both a dry highway and one covered in ice and snow.

Stall Recovery Gets You Going Quickly

It’s not uncommon for a driver to stall a manual shift sports car, especially when trying to power through a closed track. With the new Focus RS, there’s no need to turn the key to get going again. The Stall Recovery feature lets you just depress the clutch and the engine automatically starts, so you can be quickly on your way. Along with all the great sporty features, the RS comes with plenty of cargo space, so it’s the perfect vehicle to perform double duty as your fun machine and daily driver. Check in at your Scottsdale Ford dealer,  Chapman Ford, so you can be one of the first in Arizona to own this new addition to the Ford sports car lineup.


Roads? You Don’t Need No Stinking Roads

With the chance to choose six different terrain settings to adjust the suspension and throttle on the 2017 Ford Raptor, chances are drivers won’t be spending too much time on the paved highway. Although there is a Normal mode for everyday driving, the option to choose the five other selections may make drivers look for the nearest exit and head off into the wilderness. Sport, Weather, Mud/Sand, Baja and Rock Crawl offer a wide variety of settings that still give the driver the freedom to create a custom setup to match conditions. For example, you can keep stability control on but reduce traction, or you can turn the AdvanceTrac settings off altogether. Talk to the team at Chapman Ford to see when the first Raptors will make their way to the showroom floor.

Sport Turns Mountain Passes Into Playthings

Select the Sport mode on the new Raptor and you increase the sensitivity of the throttle response along with delivering a sportier feel behind the wheel. The transmission also takes each gear to a higher rev, providing a nice pop when you shift to the next level. This is perfect for a winding mountain pass or taking your new truck to the track. Choose the Weather mode when the rain or snow makes traction a bit tricky. Your Raptor will automatically engage the AdvanceTrac system and optimize the throttle response and transmission shifting to keep you in control.

Off-Road Settings Are Four-Wheeler’s Best Friend

Select the Mud/Sand mode if you’re off road dealing with loose dirt or wet areas. Along with engaging the four-wheel drive system, this mode also locks in the differential to help your Raptor keep its footing and continue moving forward. If you’re taking a run through the desert and want to make good time, switch on Baja mode to slip into four-wheel drive and adjust the throttle for more straight-line power. The transmission shifts quickly to give you control in the rough terrain. For the ultimate in hill climbing and navigation of really serious trails, hit the Rock Crawl selection for intense driving at very low speeds. Along with putting the vehicle into four-wheel low, Rock Crawl also locks the differential and the throttle is adjusted for the greatest control. A front-mounted camera stays on at speeds up to 15 miles per hour so you can safely navigate the obstacles in your way. The Raptor is the perfect truck for people who like to go off-road but still need a fun daily driver. See it for yourself this fall when it comes to Chapman Ford, your Scottsdale Ford dealer.


Entrepreneurs Love Versatility of Transit Connect

The ability to adjust the configuration of the Ford Transit Connect van makes it the perfect vehicle for entrepreneurs who need transportation that satisfies both their personal needs and work requirements. Devin Stovall of California recently won a new Transit Connect in a Ford giveaway. He plans on using it to start a business that is perfect for his two passions: his family and bicycles. “This summer, I’ll use our Transit Connect Wagon to service bicycles and wheelchairs on weekends and days off from my full-time job at a bicycle shop,” Stovall said. “During the week, I’ll use it to drive my oldest to preschool and my littlest to daycare. Then, when I flip the seats down, it’s a great grocery-getter and beach gear transporter.” See all the possibilities that will make your life easier by checking out the Transit inventory at Chapman Ford.

Side Businesses Perfect Fit for Transit

As wages in the United States haven’t kept up with the cost of goods, the number of people starting side businesses has risen. People are also choosing to try and utilize skills or be involved in activities totally different from their 40-hour job. “(People) realize they have things that are underutilized that they can monetize, including vehicles and time,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford trending manager. “Participating in the gig economy gives us a buffer, helping us work to live instead of live to work.” FlexJobs interviewed a large number of Millennials last year and found that most of them would enjoy having a side job. The Transit Connect, which can be outfitted with 7-passenger seating and up to 104 cubic feet of interior room, is the vehicle of choice for many small business start-ups.

Transit Efficiency Delivers Savings

Depending on how you set up your Ford Transit Connect, you can achieve up to 29 mpg, which means big savings for small business owners who put a lot of miles on their vehicle. The short wheelbase Transit Connect can be set up with seating for five, including second row seats that can be folded flat or removed entirely if you need the space. Fold the front passenger seat down and it serves as a desk you can use when you’re out on the road. A low floor height makes loading and unloading incredibly easy. Go check out all the different ways the Transit Connect will work for your personal and work life with a trip to Chapman Ford.

Fusion Sport Adds Serious EcoBoost Muscle


Follows Lead of Explorer and Edge

With the Sport trim levels of the Explorer and Edge off to a rousing success, Ford has introduced the new Fusion Sport that employs a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine. The model is in answer to consumer demands for a sportier version of the midsize sedan, which is already popular for its roominess, comfort, and hybrid option. “It’s not just Fusion buyers who want something hotter,” according to Fusion marketing manager Wade Jackson. “Owners of other midsize sedans, along with our dealers, ask repeatedly. So buyers get a 2.7-liter EcoBoost that makes 325 horsepower and a more impressive 380 pound-feet of torque.” Check in with the pros at Chapman Ford to see when the 2017 Fusion Sport will be making an appearance on the showroom floor.

New Fusion Sport Gives a Lot for the Money

Along with the power of the EcoBoost engine, the new Ford Fusion Sport comes with all-wheel drive standard along with the premium interior that is common to higher-end Fusion models and uncommon to competitors. “Cross-shoppers will be shocked by the bang for the buck our new Fusion Sport delivers,” Jackson said. The new Sport starts at $33,475, which is thousands less than comparable German sports sedans. The EcoBoost engine also outperforms competitors such as the BMW 535i, Audi A6 3.0T and Mercedes-Benz E400.

Sport Loaded With Special Features

Ford has spared no expense in loading up the 2017 Fusion Sport with tons of special features that enhance the driving experience. From the SYNC 3 infotainment system that uses state of the art voice recognition software to allow hands free control, to active noise control that keeps the cabin as quiet as your local library, Ford continues to create vehicles with the occupants in mind. Hill start assist helps you get going on those steep inclines without fear of sliding backwards, while three 12-volt power outlets make sure everyone’s electronics are always charged to the max. A tilt and telescoping leather-wrapped steering wheel with paddle mounted shifters provides both comfort and the ability to get the most out of your new sport. Rear air vents, remote start and push button start are all standard features.

Fast Cars Need Top Safety Equipment

When a car has the power and torque of a Ford Fusion Sport, the safety features become even more important. When the Sport makes its way to Chapman Ford, take some time to look over the long list of safety amenities that includes dual stage airbags, side curtain airbags on both the front and back, and seat belt pretensioners. Sensor-driven driver assistance safety technology is also available on the new Fusion Sport.