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Best Selling Van Gets Sync 3


Transit Replaces E-150 for Commuters and Cargo

Now that the new Transit vans have replaced the reliable E-150 in the Ford lineup, the emphasis will be on keeping the new vehicles ahead of the technology curve. The addition of SYNC 3, Ford’s industry-leading entertainment and navigation system, will ensure the line of people and cargo movers provide the best sound and surest means of connection out on the highway. A new voice recognition system is easier to understand, helping drivers stay concentrated on the road while communicating with others. Beginning in 2016, all Transit vans will also have a rearview camera and trailer hitch assist functionality that turns hooking up a trailer into a one-person job. A graphic overlay guides the driver to the perfect position for the coupling to engage the ball.

Dual Sliding Cargo Doors Make Cargo Transfer Easier

For the first time ever, dual sliding cargo doors on the medium and high roof Transit vans allow drivers the option of loading and unloading from either side. In a world of urban congestion and one-lane alleys, this is a time saver that keeps a driver moving during a busy workday. “Transit customers appreciate that the vehicle is purpose-built to serve their businesses,” said Yaro Hetman, Ford brand manager for Transit. “The enhancements we are making for 2016 are driven by customer feedback. We are making America’s best-selling commercial van even smarter and more flexible.”

Fleet Vehicles offer Speed Limitation

For business owners who want to make sure their vehicles stay within the law, Ford offers a speed limitation feature that can limit the top speed of the van to 70 miles per hour. This not only helps drivers avoid tickets, but can significantly increase fuel efficiency. Other commercial upgrades include absorbed glass mat batteries, heavy duty alternators, front dome lights with theater dimming and USB jacks for powering personal electronics. A perimeter alarm is an option that comes with remote start on the Transit Connect, alerting everyone when a security threat is detected.

“Unminivan” Offering Fold Flat Bucket Seats

The Ford Transit Connect Wagon, dubbed the “unminivan” because of a lack of similarities to the boxy people haulers offered by other companies, offers second row seats that fold completely flat. This allows more room for cargo and large crates that need to be loaded through the side sliding doors. Go inspect all the new features of the Ford Transit line for yourself at Chapman Ford Scottsdale.

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