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If you’re looking to take advantage of some outstanding year-end deals on the remaining inventory of 2017 models, look no farther than Chapman Ford in Scottsdale. For a limited time, Ford Credit is offering qualified buyers 0 percent interest for 72 months along with $1,000 in Ford Credit bonus cash. That equates to low, low payments on vehicles ranging from the compact Ford Focus all the way up to the Expedition, the full-size SUV that makes those long Holiday trips to grandma’s house a pleasant experience. Note that 2017 stock is limited and you must take delivery by January 2, 2018 to qualify for the savings.

Focus the Affordable Hatch That’s Fun to Drive

Starting at just $17,680, the Ford Focus is the perfect vehicle for the budget-conscious consumer who needs great gas mileage and superior driving dynamics. Every Ford Focus comes with standard torque vectoring control which regulates power to the front wheels during turns, giving you better control in tough conditions or when you’re pushing your new Focus to the max. A standard 1.0L 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine is turbocharged and fuel injected to deliver fuel economy in the near-hybrid range of 40 mpg on the highway. The low friction of all three cylinders combines with the turbocharger to produce a boost that is surprisingly thrilling when you step on the gas.

Fusion Delivers Luxury Feel and Room to Grow

If you need something a bit larger, the Ford Fusion is the midsize sedan that answers all the check boxes when it comes to performance, sophistication and modern styling. With plenty of room for five adults, you’ll either be the most popular person in the office carpool or will be the top-rated driver for your rideshare side hustle. Starting at just a tick over $22,000, the Fusion delivers an amazing 32 mpg on the highway in the gasoline version and up to 43 mpg on the highway for the hybrid. At 0 percent financing for 72 months, you can get all the options you always wanted but thought you could never afford.

Expedition the Ultimate People Hauler

So, you got married and then all of a sudden you had six kids, or maybe five kids and a dog? The 2017 Ford Expedition is the vehicle for you. With seating for up to eight, the Expedition provides the room for people and animals to stretch out without getting into the personal space of others. A 3.5L EcoBoost engine aided by twin turbochargers delivers up to 24 mpg on the highway, a phenomenal number for a vehicle this large and powerful. The special financing rate makes the Expedition more affordable than ever, but you’d better hurry into Chapman Ford as the 2017 models are going fast.

With more technology than most midsize sedans and a hybrid that gets staggering fuel efficiency numbers, the Ford Fusion is the perfect vehicle for modern drivers. One of the most interesting technologies available on the Ford Fusion helps improve the ride and reduces damage from potholes. Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) is a shock absorber system that’s controlled by computer. CCD continuously analyzes signals from 12 different sensors, adjusting the dampers on your shock absorber every two milliseconds. “The new Fusion V6 Sport substantially reduces the harsh impact potholes often deliver,” said Jason Michener, Ford CCD engineer. “Our new pothole mitigation technology works by actually detecting potholes and ‘catching’ the car’s wheel before it has a chance to drop all the way into the pothole.” See all the new technology and take a test drive at Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.

Technology Plays Key Role

The Ford Fusion is loaded with technology that makes the driving experience more pleasant and dynamic. Starting with a rotary gear shift knob that is not only easy to use, but clears up much more room on the center console, the Fusion is a step ahead of the competition. Available SYNC3 makes changing the music or making a phone call as simple as speaking a command. SYNC connect lets you start your car remotely, lock or unlock the doors or find the vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Adaptive cruise control, start/stop functionality and forward collision warning are just a few of the features that make the Fusion not only fun to drive, but much safer.

Choose Your Design

The Fusion offers a few different models from which to choose, with varying features and prices. Even the base S package is a beautiful design, with 18-inch wheels, a leather wrapped steering wheel and a rear spoiler. The SE adds halogen fog lights, black vinyl and cloth seats with contrasting stitching, and black chrome accents. The SE Luxury Package is the height of sophistication, with a 10-way power driver seat, heated front seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel. The Fusion Sport comes with special sport bucket seats, dual zone climate control and better handling. The Fusion Sport also comes with a twin turbocharged 2.7L V6 engine that delivers 325 horsepower and a spine-tingling 380 pound-feet of torque. The Fusion Sport is a sport sedan unlike anything else on the market. Choose the Titanium or Platinum packages for more creature comforts. Inspect the entire Fusion lineup, including the hybrid models, when you visit Chapman Ford in Scottsdale.

Helps Eliminate Injury From Rollovers

When you purchase a 2017 Ford Fusion from Chapman Ford, you’re getting much more than a fuel-efficient sedan that’s a pleasure to drive. The new Fusion incorporates a “Return to Park” feature that uses sensors to determine when you are exiting the vehicle. If you have not placed the vehicle in park, the Fusion will do that for you. “When we decided to go with the new rotary shifter for the 2017 Ford Fusion, the team sat together in a room to see what additional customer benefit we could bring to the table,” according to Ford’s e-shift technical expert, Mark Zyskowski. “We thought about what we could add without getting in the way of normal day-to-day scenarios and all agreed a feature to help confirm park is selected when exiting the vehicle seemed really worthwhile.”

Smart Operation Reads Your Intentions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that 360 people were killed in a recent two-year period by cars that had no one in the driver seat. The Fusion engineering team developed this system, which can detect when a driver has turned off a moving vehicle. The Fusion will first shift itself into neutral until it gets below 5 mph, then will transfer into park. It is smart enough not to kick in if you open the door with your seat belt on in case your coat is caught in the door or you are looking for parking lines.

New Fusion a Testament to Contemporary Design

The 2017 Ford Fusion is a beautiful car, sculpted to slice through the wind with maximum efficiency while still catching the eye of innocent onlookers. Features such as LED head, tail and fog lamps, smart assist technology and voice-activated controls are not only fun, but make for a more pleasant, and safer, driving experience. Seemingly simple features like the rotary shift dial make more room for cupholders, charging stations and electronic storage. There are many trim levels to choose from, but as long as you’re looking, check out the Platinum level package with cooled leather seats, a premium sport grille and 19-inch polished aluminum wheels.

There’s a Model and Price for Everyone

Make sure and take enough time during your trip to Chapman Ford to look at the wide variety of trim levels. The S model starts at just $22,120, yet still features push button start, the rotary shift dial, SYNC voice communication and a killer stereo. The Hybrid models get 43 mpg in the city and start at a very affordable $25,295. Even the most expensive Fusion, the Energi Platinum model, has a ton of luxury and safety appointments and still comes in at under $40,000.


Ford Recognizing Need for Smart Stuff

About a third of all U.S. citizens own not just one electronic device, but a smartphone, computer and a tablet according to a recent study from Pew Research Center. They may not take all three with them in their car, but its not uncommon for a person to have a phone and a tablet, requiring some careful thought from automakers on the interior design and support required for these electronics. Ford is once again ahead of the curve, adding almost 60 percent electronic storage space in the 2017 Ford Fusion. “People love the look and feel of the Fusion, but there are always things we can do to make it better,” according to Ford architectural supervisor Kelly Whetstone. “So we looked at customer feedback, and then we honed in on the storage capacity of the car.” A redesign of the console and a new USB port makes phone storage and connectivity easier. See how it all comes together by taking a trip to your Scottsdale Ford dealer, Chapman Ford.

New Rotary Shifter Adds Room

Traditional shifter sticks are going the way of the dinosaur now that electronics take over the chores traditionally allotted to cables. The Ford Fusion has a new rotary shifter that is more aesthetically pleasing while freeing up room on the console for more electronics. “Without the larger base of the traditional shifter, there was much more room for us to add features that are important to the Fusion customer, like storage and connection,” said Hani Badawi, ergonomics engineer. “We were able to shuffle around the driver-assist controls to the base of the shifter, along with the electronic brake, for a more intuitive arrangement for the customer, as well as providing a longer armrest for significantly improved elbow comfort for drivers.”

More Ergonomics Make Driving More Comfortable

Badawi and his team spent a lot of time tweaking the interior of the Fusion, already one of the most comfortable midsize sedans on the market. The new Fusion cabin is more open and the console is less cluttered. A wider footrest pedal is a small touch, but adds quite a bit to the comfort of the driver on long trips. Slimmer pillars around the windshield add improved vision. You can see and feel the improvements on the Fusion by taking a trip to Chapman Ford.

2017 Fusion Lets You Choose Gas, Hybrid or Plug-in

The 2017 Ford Fusion is one of the most versatile platforms in the auto industry, offering drivers a choice between gas, hybrid or plug-in hybrid. There are also a number of different trim levels that ensure you can enjoy a Fusion at a price you can afford. From the base S model to the Fusion Energi Platinum, the Fusion is a midsize sedan with style, performance and efficiency.


V6 Delivers Stunning 325 Horsepower

The new 2017 Ford Fusion Sport is another notch in the automaker’s sporty lineup, joining the Mustang, Shelby and Focus RS as cars you would love to bring to the party. With 380 pound-feet of torque, the Fusion Sport gets off the line quickly, especially for a midsize sedan. While the four doors make it easy for passengers to enter and exit, the powerful engine and sporty handling combine to make it a fun car for those weekend runs into the mountains. A touch of a button lets you adjust the driving mode and handling to meet road conditions and your desires for a phenomenal driving experience. You can experience the new Fusion Sport with a test drive at your Scottsdale Ford dealer, Chapman Ford.

Small Engine Delivers Big Results

While the V6 EcoBoost engine only uses 2.7 liters of displacement, it certainly packs a punch while still earning respectable mileage ratings. The Ford Fusion Sport is rated at 26 mpg on the highway but can still beat competitors in the race to 60 mph, scoring a 5.3 second time in a test by Car and Driver magazine. The engine is paired with a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission controlled by steering wheel-mounted paddles. Continuously controlled damping, all-wheel drive and electric power-assisted steering help keep you in control as the speed climbs and the turns get sharper. Just hit the “S” button on the console to put the car into Sport mode, improving throttle response and tuning the transmission into a more aggressive program. The button also amps up the throaty roar of the exhaust, alerting those on the road to get out of the way.

Interior Offers Something for Everyone

The upscale interior of the Fusion Sport has a little something for all tastes, combining leather, matte-aluminum accents and carbon fiber to deliver a definite sporty feel. Large bolsters on the seat provide comfort and serve to keep you in one place as you power through corners. There’s plenty of leg room in the rear for kids or adults, making the Fusion Sport a perfect option for fun and your daily commute. Safety features such as blind spot alert, lane keeping assist and rear cross-traffic warning are available, helping keep you and your passengers safe. Remote start and push button start are standard, as is the Ford exclusive feature “MyKey.” MyKey lets you give the keys to a valet or friend with the peace of mind that comes with a speed limiter and other safety features. A power moonroof and in-car garage door opener are also available. Head to Chapman Ford to test drive the latest sports sedan in the Ford lineup.